Connecting Cultures, Providing Perspective
Force Research is an independent full-service market research company providing high-quality research and consulting
services across various key markets in the Asia Pacific region. Our team includes professionals with extensive market
research work and in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific terrain, including a depth of experience in China, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and South Korea.

Force Research is a member of a number of international organizations including ESOMAR, QRCA, CASRO and MSPA.
They have also recently been awarded ISO certification, outlining the high standards adhered to 100% of the time.
Force Research is one of the some companies within the region to have ISO certification, highlighting their position
ahead of the field.

We take pride in being innovative and modern in our research practices, particularly in the field of qualitative research.
We have successfully harnessed techniques to provide actionable data that help unravel, and address consumer and
business complexities of the Asia Pacific markets. Our satisfied clients range from the automotive industry to the IT
department to the luxury goods sector.

Our company operates out of Beijing and Singapore with offices in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. We have the most
qualified and experienced in house moderators, who are well versed in projective skills, to conduct focus group
discussions. We also provide a stylish and modern focus group facility that utilizes the latest in digital recording,
FocusVision online streaming and on-staff simultaneous translators. In addition, our focus group facilities are located
in the heart of any cities to provide convenience for our customers as well as the respondents we are interviewing.
The Force Research Team is built around a group of individuals with a global background and experience, coupled
with local knowledge and fluent in English and other foreign languages.

Whether it is just pure data collection you are looking for or full-service research requirements, Force Research is
committed to delivering quality research to serve your business needs.

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