Force Research is a distinct and unique marketing research company in the Asia Pacific region. Our vision is to achieve
leadership in our field by being the only marketing research company to cater to the growing international presence in Asia.
We excel at providing an in-depth experience for our clients that even our top competitors cannot achieve. We exemplify the
meaning of quality research results that allows your company to understand and connect with the Asian-Pacific market
environment. Providing service beyond perfection is our aim.

Force Research sets the standard for other regional marketing research firms when it comes to ethical research practices,
unparalleled research quality and outstanding customer service.

It is our personal responsibility to dedicate ourselves to achieving the results that you desire. We work around the clock until
our clients are completely satisfied with their promised results. It is our mission to provide timely services coupled with acute
client care to create a long-lasting relationship with you. We deliver on our promise to provide results that are essential to the
success of your company. We believe that by doing so, we will earn the trust of our clients for future projects.

As an active participant in international marketing research organizations, we bring a decade worth of experience and we
make it our main responsibility to adhere to standards set by international associations in our field. As a leading association
member, we proactively adopt and/or improve standards and protocols to be proficient in the latest techniques, technologies,
and trends within the marketing research community. From this, we are able to provide the most effective results and advice
to our client partners.
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