Our Competence
It is the people and consumers that drive the markets. Now, you need to figure out just what drives the people. This is
where Force comes into play. In a highly competitive marketplace, we understand the importance and meaning of
accountable and reliable results that you can trust. By employing state-of-the-art qualitative research methods with our
industry's most highly experienced and trained moderators, what you receive is acute and specific insights into the
minds of the consumer. In developing an infallible system to target different consumers, Force Research has become
the number one international marketing research company in China. The perspective we provide you is utilized through
our creative methods of approaching your target market and our outside of the box thinking. Together, this penetrates
deeper into the minds of the consumer, resulting in solutions you can count on. Our projective techniques always
provide accurate answers to help you understand the results. It's in this way that we help you better leverage the

Another factor that illustrates our dedication towards quality results is precision. We ensure our experienced
researchers utilize only data from the consumers, which are relevant to the research project. This guarantees our
quantitative samples and methods are precisely on the mark, every time.

Our Research Methods

When working in the Asia-Pacific region, it is often difficult to obtain accurate answers in a myriad of languages,
cultures and customs. Language and understanding are two of the most integral components when you attempt to
connect with the consumer. In China, there are over 80 different languages with each province having their own
customs, traditions and ways of speaking that are entirely their own. The astonishing amount of language barriers
can be overwhelming for international firms. Additionally, Singapore has its own uniqueness in its culture and
Singlish. Force Research project managers hail from all over the globe including Europe, North America, Australasia
and Asia itself. Each is fluent in English – amongst other languages – while also having a proficiency in Chinese,
Singlish, and Malay. Combine these with local members of staff who are native Chinese speakers, but also have
English as a second language and you end up with a unique international team full of different flavors perfectly
designed to meet your needs. The strong focus on communication and language makes Force an unparalleled
research company of its kind.

Quality Control Procedures

Quality assurance is everything to Force Research. We are diligent on using an operating manual that outlines the
strict research guidelines that we adhere to on an everyday basis. We emphasize the significance on quality control
in order to achieve systematic results.
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