Why Force Research
Force Research prides itself on its customer care system. For Force, the service we provide equates to taking care of every
detail. Every project that Force Research takes on-no matter how large or how small-is treated with the greatest importance.
We understand that every company is looking to Force for results that matter; results that create opportunity, excitement and
a possibility. The market research conducted in China and the Asia Pacific region is based on a solid foundation of ethical
principles we follow, on an exclusive network with the right people and most importantly, taking every single consideration our

Force Research combines various forms of market research to provide a thorough report on your target market. From in-depth
interviews with top-level managers, to business-to-business focus group discussions, from ethnographical studies to large-scale
face-to-face or computer-aided telephone interviews, there is a process that fits with your desired results. This means more
time to focus on your analysis. Additionally, we provide a one year after sales service at no additional charge. This is just part
of our customer care system for allowing our valued clients and partners to evaluate the results and make any changes they
feel necessary.

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