Operation Management
Force Research is from an operational aspect, more focused on Fieldwork Management, we have developed systems which require
that each and every project manager oversees all matters concerning the ongoing nature of the project. In this respect, it is
encumbent on the Project Manager to be fully conversant with each and every fieldwork personnel involved with the project. This
requires that daily meetings occur between the project manager and all interviewers and regional supervisors. Force Research has
in-house regional fieldwork supervisors located in the key cities that oversee all fieldwork management at the local level. Cumulated
data will be centralized and overseen by ourselves in Beijing and data will be carefully managed by our professional staff.

To assist both our project managers and our fieldwork supervisors, Force Research has developed an operational manual that has
been developed through Force Research principals many years of research experience both inside and outside China.

As advised we are affiliated with organizations in East Asia and our fieldwork process for countries other than China are overseen
and managed by them. Their reputation has already been proven not only by Force Research but by their years of successful
operation in their own home markets.
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